Raise an issue with the subcommittee

Members of Australia’s plant industries are welcome to engage the Subcommittee on Domestic Quarantine and Market Access.

You can do this either as an individual or as a group. There is no charge to raise an issue with the subcommittee.

Types of issues to raise with the subcommittee

The types of issues plant industries can raise with the Subcommittee on Domestic Quarantine and Market Access are listed below.

Please check the list to see if your issue relates to the subcommittee.

Issues list

Contact the subcommittee if you think the issues below apply to a particular plant biosecurity measure (state entry condition)* that is meant to facilitate domestic market access for plants and plant products in Australia:

  • The measures could be applied more consistently across the country (nationally)
  • Uncoordinated measures have led to additional costs to your industry
  • If you have data that shows a risk or impact upon your industry or regions’ plant pest status
  • If you have evidence of other options that may be more effective or cost-effective.

*Includes plant biosecurity measures resulting from gaining or maintaining access to domestic markets, or an incursion of an emergency plant pest. It also includes plant quarantine certification measures such as the Interstate Certification Assurance Scheme.

Please also check the ICA questions & answers before continuing.

Is your issue relevant to the subcommittee?

If yes, then:

Contact the subcommittee.

If you are not sure, then:

Ask the subcommittee’s Secretariat either by telephone 02 6272 4606 or email dqmawg@daff.gov.au.

If no, then:

Your issue may be a plant quarantine regulation matter and you should contact your local plant quarantine regulator, or you might be seeking information about moving plant goods within Australia or into and out of Australia .

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