The information on this web site is jointly funded by all state and territory governments and is a product of the working groups that are overseen by the Subcommittee on Domestic Quarantine and Market Access.

Domestic quarantine for travellers

Australian Interstate Quarantine: A Travellers' GuideThe aim is to provide the general public with information on the requirements for moving plants, fruit, vegetables and other risk items between states.

Information is also provided on why these movements are restricted and the consequences of bringing in a pest or disease. These consequences include reduced production, losses to market access, loss of employment, economic losses for industry, community and state and higher prices at the supermarket.

The Domestic Quarantine Communications Program also provides for the production of the booklet Australian Interstate Quarantine: A Travellers Guide which is distributed across Australia in hard copy. This is a widely used publication available at ports, check points and visitor information centers nationally.

Please note that this is a general guide for private interstate travellers and online traders. Commercial importers and exporters must consult with state quarantine authorities for full information.

And remember, requirements may change as new pests, diseases and weeds are detected.

Domestic quarantine for producers

The ‘Producers’ part of the site intends to help members of Australia’s plant industries engage the Subcommittee on Domestic Quarantine and Market Access, which oversees the rules and regulations in relation to the movement of commercial consignments of goods within and between states and territories. It is supported by Australia’s state, territory and federal government agencies of agriculture and primary industries.

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